First RestStop Centre coming up at Kasaragod                                   Government issued GO and development started at Thalappadi.                                   OKIH signs agreement with KIIFB.                                   Wayside amenities with state-of-the-art facilities for motorists.                                   First initiative of OKIH to launch soon.                                   Chief Minister launched the website of 'RestStop'.                                   


We aim to be the leader among the Wayside Amenities providers with global standards, making road travel pleasant and safe. Roads are the arteries of the state that connect every Keralite. Wayside amenities along National and State Highways of every district will improve not only the comfort of the people as they travel across the state, but also introduce a competitive standard for the private sector to emulate. Each centre will be a modern and comfortable place for one to take a break from their journey, with ideal facilities and landscaped grounds to help relaxation. Each centre will also act as a local community centre and will have a Village Mall enriching local markets.

Each RestStop will lie at an important point on the highways of Kerala for leisure, business, and tourism traffic, and therefore the intention is to create a Wayside Amenities area that works around the week, 24 x 7, and to be found within every hour of the driving distance across Kerala. In RestStop services will be an experience hard to compete with and yet equally stunning and worthy of one’s time.

Whether it be for a business meeting, a break en-route, or simply for the family and tourists on the move, the RestStop will be a landmark place to meet for both the business and social travellers. Sooner or later, be it for buying fuel or for a short trip, every trip will become an excuse to just visit the nearest RestStop!

RestStop Pvt. Ltd. A Government of Kerala Enterprise, CIN: U93000KL2020PTC062474, 6th Floor, Norka Center, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram
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