First RestStop Centre coming up at Kasaragod                                   Government issued GO and development started at Thalappadi.                                   OKIH signs agreement with KIIFB.                                   Wayside amenities with state-of-the-art facilities for motorists.                                   First initiative of OKIH to launch soon.                                   Chief Minister launched the website of 'RestStop'.                                   


We have roped some of the best strategists and designers to study global models of such facilities and prepare design and operation methodology to create the best facility of international standards, but customised for the local environment. Special emphasise of the design will be on the personal safety of commuters within each centre, especially in light of the global pandemic situation.

RestStop design, layout, and offering mix will enable to make the customers journey more convenient, safe, and organised. Its unique design will stand out from the traditional copy-and-paste mall model leaving a unique and memorable experience with a reflection of local theme flavours.

Each centre is expected to come up in about five acres’ plot, each with ideal facilities and designs that integrate seamlessly to facilitate efficient customer journey, with a retail forecourt of about 50,000 sq. ft. The design will strive to adopt the most appropriate and cost-efficient digital innovations, technologies, and opportunities for attracting more consumers and providing better opportunities for RestStop partners. Tapping solar power is one of the areas of the green initiatives.

RestStop will have a dedicated point of entry and exit from highways with clear signage and circulation loops to provide logical and safe separation between the different users. Parking will be arranged into clear zones with easy access to different facilities. Dining and shopping services will be provided in an integrated area where the visitors can relax. Access to the retail forecourt will be via pedestrian routes from the parking area, designed for safe and easy access.

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